For This Child I Have Prayed...

September 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This pregnancy is celebrated! For YEARS this incredibly sweet, caring, loving, kind couple has prayed for a baby. I've personally prayed SO MUCH for this baby girl that's growing. Our friends have prayed, our church has prayed. And goodness we were all cheering when we got the good news! Now we are just a few short weeks away from meeting that very special girl living inside her momma's belly. We were able to squeeze in a maternity session before she arrives. Congratulations, Lauren & Steve! <3

Can we just take notice of how STUNNING this momma-to-be is?! I love a little silliness thrown in! :)

Eyer Family

September 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One thing I'm learning more and more throughout the years is how life will twist and turn but it somehow seems to loop back around in various ways. I grew up with the dad in this beautiful family. At one point in life's journey, he was one of my best friends. And then life moves around with school and careers, and eventually family and kids and you end up losing touch. Somehow we've managed to end up back in the same area and I was able to take photos of his two beautiful girls and lovely wife on Sunday. Here's a few of the many moments that were captured. 

Jake & Natalie Get Engaged!

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These two lovebirds are tying the knot next Spring. We went to the beautiful spot they picked to have their wedding at to take engagement photos. 

"Be sure to choose someone who makes you laugh." They certainly make each other laugh. That's apparent in these pictures.

Congratulations Natalie & Jake!


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I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet girl a couple weeks ago at her home. Her name is Ophelia and every time I sit down to edit her session, I can't stop singing "O-Ophelia, you've been on my mind girl..." in my head. But really, this precious little girl did so well during her entire session that I really couldn't stop thinking about her tiny, scrumptious self and I had such a tough time choosing which photos to showcase in her gallery. Here's a small sampling. Welcome to the world, miss Ophelia!

I mean, just look at her smiling already! 


Emily Turns 4

August 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Emily is intelligent, beautiful, sassy, sweet, and hilarious! I had so much fun during this shoot chatting with her. Happy Birthday, miss Emily!