Kristi Melissa Photography: Blog en-us (C) Kristi Melissa Photography (Kristi Melissa Photography) Mon, 27 Nov 2017 14:16:00 GMT Mon, 27 Nov 2017 14:16:00 GMT Christmas Tree Farm This year I decided to take my Christmas mini sessions outdoors. I reached out to several Christmas Tree Farms and Becks Tree Farms in Hamburg was the most responsive and easiest to work with! They have a HUGE tree farm and it's all cut-your-own if you're looking to get a Christmas tree this year. Denny took me for a spin on the cart all around the farm. Seriously impressive and I was able to scout out the perfect spot.

The day was cloudy and a little rainy, but that didn't stop this amazing crew of people from showing up and smiling for the camera! We moved quick and it was an exciting and exhausting day, but I was so pumped to see all of the incredible families with their sweet kiddos dressed so festive! I love how these turned out! Outdoor mini session might be my new jam. Stay tuned. Until then, THANK YOU to all of my clients for an incredible 2017. Happy holidays and I can't wait to see you in 2018! 


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Ryleigh is ONE! Ryleigh has the brightest, biggest brown eyes! Isn't she beautiful? She just had a birthday and turned the big O-N-E! Her parents brought the cutest little smash cake shaped as a giant cupcake. She wasn't so fond of the icing, or the cake, but she loved her fruit, which is a big win for the mommy and daddy! Happy birthday, miss Ryleigh! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

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Matthew turns 2! Never underestimate the power of animal crackers and hide and seek. Two-year-olds can be tough when it comes to taking their picture. They are curious, adventurous and they just don't want to sit and pose. That's why I love to take them out in the open air and space and let them run! I have no problem playing games to get them to warm up.

It took Matthew a little bit to start enjoying his photo shoot, but patience is key with toddlers (and snacks, never forget snacks!) Happy 2nd birthday, Matthew! I'm loving watching you grow each year. 


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Audrey Faith There's a song I've been listening to recently and it starts with the lyrics, "If faith can move the mountains, let the mountains move. We've come with expectations, waiting here for you..."

Waiting. There are few things tougher than waiting. Having expectations and then things don't go how you plan, so you wait. And with faith, they waited. That's REALLY hard. Trusting, waiting and then waiting some more.

Lauren is one of my best friends and I never heard her or her husband complain once about their struggle. I heard a little discouragement in their voice at times, but that was very rare. I saw support when other friends and myself welcomed babies into our arms. I saw love as they celebrated with us. All the while waiting for their own.

And that incredible faith turned into a reward and that reward just happens to be this precious baby girl named Audrey Faith. Celebrating? Oh you bet! This little girl is so loved. You can just see it in their faces. You can tell they're beaming, even though they are tired. 

Welcome to the world, miss Audrey. I can't wait to watch you grow. And congratulations, Lauren and Steve. This little girl is SO incredibly lucky to have you two as her parents. <3


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A Whole Lotta Love | A Birth Story Today I photographed a birth. Not just ANY birth, I photographed baby #14 coming into the world! To be completely honest, I wasn't really sure what to expect since most of the families I photograph are much smaller. When I first walked in the door, I was welcomed by an incredibly warm atmosphere. It really felt like I had just come home at Christmas time. The room was full of lights, Pandora piano music was playing, kiddos were quietly anticipating their brother arriving, just sitting and watching and in some cases, helping dad make mom as comfortable as possible. Mom was in the birthing tub, barely making a peep, but clearly in hard labor. It was so cozy, I just got to picture taking. Mom said calmly in between a contraction, "I'm about 5cm, so you have some time." 

Little did any of us know, the quickest labor I've ever witnessed happened just like THAT and my fingers were READY. All of a sudden, about 15 minutes after my arrival, mom said to the midwife in such a calm voice (like she wasn't in FULL labor about to push a baby out), "Could you check me when you get a chance?"

Mom was checked and she was READY to push! Just like that mom rolled forward and out came baby, in his sac and all! Probably 1.5-2 pushes. Oh, and did I mention he was 9lb. 4oz. and 22inches long, that's no small baby, and she made it look seamless and incredibly easy. (I've had natural labor, I know it isn't easy!) So, if you're looking for a real life superwoman, Nicole is FOR SURE your woman! A total rockstar!

What unfolded next, was so incredible to watch. The birth was so quick, but oh man, getting to witness all of those siblings just totally love on their new baby brother was the sweetest thing in the world. All the smiles, all of the cell phone pics, excitement to share the news with other family, it's one of the main reasons I LOVE this type of photography. These emotions are so raw and real. And what a cool gift to baby Holt just being able to see how loved he is from the minute he entered the world by a whole army of people! I think I just fell in love with the idea of having a huge family (don't tell my husband, haha!). Christmas and Thanksgiving and probably every other random day must be so fun! 

Thank you so much for letting me be a fly on your wall during such an amazing event. And WELCOME to the world, Holt Greyson. You are so, so loved! <3

I love this because you can see all of the kids, just hanging, anticipating, waiting for the arrival of their brother. This little guy slept through the entire delivery but woke up and noticed "Baby!" right away! Wherever the baby was, they all wanted to follow. It was so sweet to watch! What better way to pass the time than the Target Christmas catalog? Nicole knits too. How adorable is this little sweater?! 

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A Boy in the Family This sweet little boy is going to be SO loved by his two older sisters! His big sister was actually my first ever newborn client! I sure have perfected my technique and skills from that day, but it's so special to get the chance to photograph Lucas. I love capturing all of their tiny features and close-ups of their face, hands and wrinkly little toes! They change so fast, so quick and I can't wait to watch him grow! Welcome to the world, Lucas! 


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For This Child I Have Prayed... This pregnancy is celebrated! For YEARS this incredibly sweet, caring, loving, kind couple has prayed for a baby. I've personally prayed SO MUCH for this baby girl that's growing. Our friends have prayed, our church has prayed. And goodness we were all cheering when we got the good news! Now we are just a few short weeks away from meeting that very special girl living inside her momma's belly. We were able to squeeze in a maternity session before she arrives. Congratulations, Lauren & Steve! <3

Can we just take notice of how STUNNING this momma-to-be is?! I love a little silliness thrown in! :)

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Eyer Family One thing I'm learning more and more throughout the years is how life will twist and turn but it somehow seems to loop back around in various ways. I grew up with the dad in this beautiful family. At one point in life's journey, he was one of my best friends. And then life moves around with school and careers, and eventually family and kids and you end up losing touch. Somehow we've managed to end up back in the same area and I was able to take photos of his two beautiful girls and lovely wife on Sunday. Here's a few of the many moments that were captured. 

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Jake & Natalie Get Engaged! These two lovebirds are tying the knot next Spring. We went to the beautiful spot they picked to have their wedding at to take engagement photos. 

"Be sure to choose someone who makes you laugh." They certainly make each other laugh. That's apparent in these pictures.

Congratulations Natalie & Jake!

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O-Ophelia I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet girl a couple weeks ago at her home. Her name is Ophelia and every time I sit down to edit her session, I can't stop singing "O-Ophelia, you've been on my mind girl..." in my head. But really, this precious little girl did so well during her entire session that I really couldn't stop thinking about her tiny, scrumptious self and I had such a tough time choosing which photos to showcase in her gallery. Here's a small sampling. Welcome to the world, miss Ophelia!

I mean, just look at her smiling already! 


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Emily Turns 4 Emily is intelligent, beautiful, sassy, sweet, and hilarious! I had so much fun during this shoot chatting with her. Happy Birthday, miss Emily!

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Sunflower Fields It was a last minute decision to throw together sunflower mini sessions. But when I saw the opportunity and how incredibly gorgeous this field of yellow was, I jumped on the chance before the sunflowers wilted. I'll keep a better eye out next year for those who missed out and were interested! More notice will be given! I love how gorgeous these turned out.

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Levi turns ONE Oh, this little boy. This amazing surprise of a little boy is ONE! I'm pretty sure his momma blinked right after he was born and all of a sudden a year went by. 

Little man Levi is so loved by so many people and has just moved far, far away. *sniffle sniffle*

Although his family is so terribly missed already, life will go on, and the next time I see this little handsome guy, he's going to be running and growing and trying to keep up with his big brother and sister! I was so happy to capture this precious milestone in his life before moving on to his next adventure. Happy birthday, Levi John! <3

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Angela & Jason This beautiful lady happens to be my baby cousin. (Well, not so much a baby anymore!) My younger sister and I spent countless summer days at Grandma's house teaching this curly-haired sweet girl "school", playing in the pool, eating ice cream treats, and going on adventures together. Angela developed confidence at a young age and has carried that with her into adulthood, which I think is one of her strongest qualities. She will not be rocked by anything anyone says or thinks and she will never waiver on her beliefs. 

As soon as she brought Jason around our big, boisterous family, I knew for sure this engagement would just be a matter of time. Her eyes lit up every time I asked her about him and on Good Friday, just DAYS before their engagement happened, I asked her if she saw herself marrying him. She got a little red as she shyly said, "we've talked about it." Then BOOM! Engaged! 

Jason and Angela were meant for each other. I'm so happy for them and their paths that led them here. Can't wait to celebrate in a few short months at the big event! <3

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Beautiful Audrey This girl is just the cutest thing! I was at her birth and took her newborn pictures and it's just so fun to see her growing at 6 months old! She was a little uncertain at the beginning and she wanted her momma close, but once she got into it she was the perfect model and so silly! I and so much fun taking her pictures and capturing her many facial expressions! I had such a tough time choosing which to show on her preview because they were all just so beautiful! 

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Baby Girl Teagan I had the opportunity to photograph this newborn in my studio. She slept beautifully throughout her entire session and hardly moved at all when I moved her around. It's always so fun to see repeat clients in the studio for milestone events like this. I had the privilege to photograph her big brother a couple years ago, so having Teagan in my studio was such a treat! The photos speak for themselves of this little darling! Welcome to the world sweet girl! 

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Welcome to the World, Benjamin This little baby is the cutest little boy and he has the most darling big brother and sister, too! Gosh, I could go on and on about how precious this family is. But you don't need me to tell you, these pictures show you just fine. This little boy is so adored by his parents, grandparents and his big brother and sister! Welcome to the world, sweet Ben! We love you! 

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And Baby Makes Five I had the super special opportunity to photograph a close friend's birth last week! Birth's are always such an incredible experience – the anticipation, the excitement, the MIRACULOUS design of the female body, it all ties together to make it one of my most favorite types of shoots to do. 

Miss Amy timed everything perfectly (although if you asked her a day or week or month earlier, the timing could have come a LITTLE earlier, am I right?!). She had a fairly quick labor, about 5 hours from starting contractions to birth. And she was probably the funniest woman in childbirth I've seen to date.

When I arrived to the hospital room, her epidural was starting to really kick in, she was 10 centimeters and ready to go as soon as she felt enough pressure to push. When asked by her nurse if she thought her pressure was constant, Amy responded, AND I QUOTE, "I mean I can push whenever, I don't want to hold anyone up." I mean, I have never.. Haha

So, she decided to just go for it and push. Probably about 15-20 minutes later, we met Benjamin, 9 pounds (or 8 pounds 15.8oz if you want to get really technical) with a FULL head of dark hair, chubby cheeks and sweet little dimples. Gah! He is seriously the cutest little thing!

The whole room was laughing all the way through our time there – what a great way to enter the world! This surprise little baby #3 for sure secured his spot in this family's hearts in a literal NANO-second. Nothing but love and MANY, MANY snuggles from here on out. <3

Welcome to the world, sweet Benjamin!

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Baby Girl Lilly I'm kind of a sucker for this little one's name. She's named after her grandmother, Lillian. (I also have a grandmother Lillian and have often considered that name for a baby girl.) And this little girl is just the cutest! It was so fun to do this session with Lilly's proud big brother. He did fantastic! Here's a sampling of some of their photos.

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Sister Love Can you tell these two cuties are sisters? They happen to be buddies with my little guy and he just adores them! And what better time to post these Spring studio pictures then right before a record March blizzard?! 

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