Kristi Melissa Photography | Welcome to the World, Logan Layne!

Welcome to the World, Logan Layne!

August 23, 2016  •  1 Comment

I always enjoy photographing births. The anticipation and excitement is so much fun, and the birth of Mr. Logan Layne was no exception! Logan's momma labored a LONG time before I got the call to come in and that she might be close to having him. With a room filled with family and friends, I joined the group and awaited this sweet boy's arrival. Mom was finally able to rest for a little after working hard all day, so we waited in the waiting room together. Dad came out just before midnight with an update that it could be a while yet. Shortly after he left, at 12:16, I put my change into the vending machine to munch on a bag of white cheddar popcorn and sip on some water while we waited. Logan's aunt quickly exclaimed, "She's pushing!" Before I knew it, I was in a mad dash through the labor and delivery floor to capture this special moment. Within minutes, at 12:21am, after a few quick pushes, Logan made his grand entrance and was greeted with loads of love. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a special moment in your life!

Big sister, Laney, couldn't be there in person, but she was for sure a big part of the big day! 
Mom was finally able to get some much needed rest! In the waiting room, the nurses were keeping big sister occupied. She just finished a blue raspberry slushy here.
Dad letting everyone know it would most likely be a quite a while longer.
Or, maybe not....
Big sister was ANXIOUSLY awaiting meeting her little brother. It was so sweet to watch her see him for the first time!


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Beautiful.. absolutely..
The Lord's .. love..
.to This Dear Brown
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